FJ4U Consulting LLC becomes a member of Carolinas Chinese Chamber of Commerce

Intro of CCCC

The Carolinas Chinese Chamber of Commerce (a.k.a. CCCC) was established on March 18, 2011 as a nonprofit organization headquartered in Charlotte, NC.
Vision of CCCC
Our vision is to actively bridge cross-border trade and investment activities between the U.S. and China and serve as a platform to promote economic, cultural and educational exchanges.
Mission of CCCC

To promote and encourage economic, cultural and educational exchanges between US and China, and serve as an advocate of the Chinese business community in Carolinas.The CCCC is dedicated to provide a forum for American and Chinese governmental, commercial, and educational/cultural organizations to gain better understanding and build mutual trust, thus fostering vigorous partnership and facilitating trade and investment opportunities between the two great nations.

The CCCC‘s policy-making body is its Board of Founders, and its executive body is its Board of Directors.

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